It's a fair question.  After all, since our founding in 2001, we've worked hard to build a stellar reputation for the Trivinity brand.  Thankfully, we have been successful in that endeavor, but we've also come to realize that while the reputation and track record might be great, the name itself presented some challenges we hadn't anticipated.


Trivinity was a name we constructed from 3 Latin words and, to our knowledge, didn't exist until we came up with it.  The concept and meaning were good, but whether it was difficulty in pronouncing it, spelling it out for website URLs or email addresses, confusion between Trivinity and Trinity or in how the Multimedia name led people to think we provided services we don't - like media buys or website development - the name might have been cool, but it was a hurdle for many.


That's really a two part question, let's break it down.


First, ROADRUNNER.  For most people, the name instantly conjures up images of a speedy bird known for its ability to rapidly change direction and avoid the falling anvils of chance, and that sums us up pretty well - just ask our clients.  The name and color scheme are also a tip of the cap to our founder’s high school and collegiate days, where the passion for filmmaking was born and a commitment to excellence was deeply ingrained.  Roadrunner Pictures shares that commitment and takes pride in our similarly agile, adaptive approach to film making and taking smarter approaches to telling great stories.


And that brings us to PICTURES.  Why pictures instead of films or productions?  We tell stories.  Visual stories.  Pictures - or more appropriately motion pictures, as they used to  be called before the digital revolution - are our medium.  We may shoot digitally, but the inspiration for our story telling style is the artful poetry of a by gone era where the story is the primary driving force in the creative choices made in how to tell it on film.



Really, not much.  Beyond seeing a different logo or using a different email address, they will still receive the same high quality they have some to expect.  The way we do business and perform for our clients won't change at all.


Trivinity isn't going away, it just has a new name, a new look and a new web address:



click the address above or the new logo below to visit our new internet home

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